Poleyns (soupcan knees)

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These early poleyns, also commonly referred to as "Soupcan Knees" are made from heat-treated .050" 1050 medium-carbon steel and are appropriate for early to mid 14th century kits as independant protection for the knee as well as part of a leg harness.

Thanks to the use of spring steel, a large poleyn weighs a mere 13 ounces.

These poleyns are raised from a single piece and utilize no welds to acheive their shape. They feature a strong central crease and fairly large flares at the top and bottom. These flares not only stiffen and strengthen the piece but also serve to deflect metal weapons away from the shin and thigh. They also provide a rounded edge against the body and are much more comfortable to wear and receive blows on.

They come fully strapped and have 4 3/16" holes punched along the top edge to accomodate arming points. Leather dags can be added to the bottom edge.




Early Poleyns - $250

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